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Post news RSS Future update: The Lands of Eldyn expands westward

The last expansion of the game world was with Bluerock island. Since then we've made some small updates and changes around tools, items and controls. Next we head westward to the lands beyond Fargreen Forest.

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Expanding Westward

For those not aware; Eldyn is a free, hack and slash, browser MMO that can be played cooperatively or against other players. For now, the co-op aspect has been minimal but future updates will increase content for co-op play.

As we get deeper into Fargreen Forest things get more challenging, darker and dangerous. For those of you that have successfully traversed the Blackbarrow Pass to get there then congratulations you will be at the start of your journey.

promo screenshot 5

Along with more lands comes more lore so look out for more Lorekeepers like the Hooden One or the Blackbarrow maniac.

Take a look at the Lands of Eldyn.

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