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Post news RSS Future Plans for Blood and Iron.

Here I'll outline the future plans for Blood and Iron.

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First, there will be an update addressing feedback and fixing some issues. Some of the main points are
- Fixing the medics
- New weapon sounds
- Can reload while walking, not running (or at least sprinting)
- Balancing the artillery
- Balancing the rifle butt and bayonet
- Speeding up fixing the bayonet
- putting some maps onto siege mode like trench assault
There are a lot more tweaks and fixes I'm not going to list here, about 30 fixes.

Also within this update I will be including some unique and fun units for fun rounds and bonus content. This includes things such as World war one units, paintball guns, airsoft guns, and some other things. This will all be on one faction separate from France and Prussia and is mainly designed for fun rounds at the end of events. It should add extra content and playability to the mod.

After this update I will work on two new factions for Blood and Iron, still focusing on the Franco Prussian war. There will be one faction for the German side and one for the French side. The German faction will be made up of units from the other German states, including Bavaria, Saxony, Brunswick, and others. The French faction will be similar, it will include the more exotic and unique units which France fielded, such as Spahis, Tirailleur, the Foreign Legion, Chasseurs d'Afrique, Giuseppe Garibaldi's red shirt volunteers (from Italy), lots of different Franc Tireurs, and other such units.

After this release, I do not know the future of the mod, i may introduce a British faction of 1870, they never fought, but it would be an interesting dynamic. I can't say the future of the mod that far into the future though and it depends how other people also feel at the time.

This covers the future plans for Blood and Iron.

Oldest_Guard - - 17 comments

Ammo runners a possibility? Or will that come much later?

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bloodandironfpw Author
bloodandironfpw - - 55 comments

It's a possibility, but i don't want to declare that it will be in the mod in case i can't do it, and then i look like a fool :p, but i will attempt it.

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Commissar_Delta - - 5,830 comments

making the red cross medics actually work would be nice

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saymon5 - - 32 comments

I love your mod kind Sire :) Keep up the good work!

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SantaofDeath - - 710 comments

This is the most fun I have had in Warband! I look forward to your updates. This mod is great!

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neoleo10 - - 29 comments

release it sooner :D

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Retired_Tak - - 1,427 comments

Excellent can't wait for more ^^

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