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Still working on the demo, I added a lot of details to the training area in which you can prepare yourself for the arena.

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Hey everybody,

this week was a bit stressful as school started after six weeks of holidays but nonetheless I managed to get quite some progress at the training area. I started working at the room which will teleport you to the outdoor training area, and at the beginning of the week it looked like this:

TR Progress1

Pretty good layout, but as this was the last room I needed I started working on details, such as the spikes for the second room and the grid-like roof for the first two. Armin forunately provided lamps, so I brought them ingame aswell:


As said above I made spikes and the grid for the other rooms:

TR Progress2

These 3 extra meshes actually make it look a lot better, but I didn't stop there and also added all the weapons we had previously and some new ones to the third room.


As you can see, we now have 14 weapons which are just waitng for you to picke them up, but I'd like to add at least ten more, so it doesn't get boring quickly. (Don't mind the glowing material, I already changed it).

Now to get back to the third room, here are two ingame shots, one is unlit and the other is lit.



So, is this everything I've accomplished in a week? No! I also worked on the outdoor terrain! There is no vegetation yet, but I'll add this as soon as possible:


You won't be able to walk around the whole map, simply because it isn't necessary, but you will encounter enemy drones, so you can practice fighting.

Oh, before I forget it, we now have a character for our player and most of the basic animations in place. So far you can walk, jump (although we need an animation for jumping while walking) as well as withdraw and sheat your sword.

So, this is you:


I hope you enjoyed this update, as always please comment your feedback. See you the next time,


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