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FurryFury - a dynamic turn-based beast-rolling online arena brawl on physics is now available on Steam Early Access for FREE!

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Hello there good people. I am the sole creator of the FurryFury game, and i'm super excited to annouce that it has finally come to Steam Early Access ( July 11th 2019). It's still a long way to the finish line, but it's playable and enjoyable already, and it's free.

The game is set in a world of deceivingly cute fluffy creatures, which enjoys simple pleasures in life such as smashing against one another on deadly arenas. While the game offers some single-player / co-op challenges, its main focus is on PvP brawls: 2vs2 and 1vs1. It's all about rolling and pushing your opponents onto harmful obstacles while trying to stay out of danger. If you think now: "Hey, it's like that other game I played...", believe me: it's nothing like it.

The game looks casual at first, and it's easy to learn, because in the end the only thing you can do is roll. It is not so simple though because each Creature has its own skills and stats, and arenas differ with hazards and mechanics. However all of it works automatically and do not require any action, which creates the "dynamic turn-based" feel. It's also worth mentioning that you plan and execute the move simultaneously with your teammate and all of it is based on physics encouraging combos and mastering. There is also very fair progression/collection system but why don't you just check it out yourself instead of trusting my word. So go and grab your copy, tell your friends, it's free!
Play FurryFury for free on Steam

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