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Fumiko! just launched greenlight! Take a look inside to watch trailers and read the Q&A! The video about the A.I. used in Fumiko! is still on its way. More inside.

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Greenlight Launch

Hello everyone! So far the greenlight launch has gone well. This is the most contact I had with new players since I started developing Fumiko! 3 years ago. There has been an overwhelming response so far and I'm happy to share some of the stuff that happened in the last days.


Just a day after launch I posted a Q&A post to steam that'll answer some of the questions people had about the game. You can read the full deal here

The main question being what you can do in the game beside walking around and admiring art or jumping from platform to platform. I agree that my trailers usually tend to show off levels and not mechanics. I'm planning on doing more feature videos that will show off enemy mechanics and movement possibilities. The coming article about the A.I. used in Fumiko! will cover some of that aspect soon.


Fumiko! has had some reviews before, but I didn't expect that some indie game blogs will find the game on greenlight and give it a surprise feature. Also there has been some discussion going on after posting the game to /r/linux_gaming, giving me some of the most helpful feedback I received so far.

  • HardcoreGamer featured Fumiko! in their latest posts
  • Small but lovely indie game blog Vernacular Gaming released a really great review on the downloadable demo for Fumiko! - You need to check this out. They seem to really give indie games the time they need to write a meaningful review.

  • Chinese indie game site IndieNova featured Fumiko! a few days ago! I wouldn't have known without searching them out. Give them some love.

  • Thai indie game blog Saraboom released a small but lovely feature article! Thank you so much! But don't trust google translate - Fumiko is not a drug problem inventor.

  • If you're a creator and you shared content to reddit before, you'll know how hard it can get to not fall into the reddit abyss of posts that have never been seen. Not so with /r/linux_gaming - these people here played the demos and got me some of the most meaningful feedback I received so far.

    If you want to read the comments and my answers in the thread, you'll find it here!


I really want to do an article about the A.I. used in Fumiko! now that I implemented many new features to it. For the last chapter of the game I want A.I. to interact with another and not only target the player. This is mainly because I want to give Fumiko the ability to clone herself in the last bossfight.

I already uploaded a chunk of the A.I. system to GitHub recently to give people access to the code used in the following video. There is a lot of game-specific code in there, but it may help when designing your own A.I. system. It is pretty slim and makes use of different behaviours like follow, return, move randomly, push or activate a game object based on a condition like range.

I'll leave this post with a video I created after implementing the base A.I. for a Fumiko Copy. Have some fun with about 80 Fumikos!

If you're voting for the game! Once it is finished I'll release it on different platforms, but steam would be a major milestone for me. If you're interested in playing the latest demos give them a try! After that, leave your feedback here or on the Greenlight Page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheerful Regards,

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