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The Rage of the 50+ challenges was release but we have some other news too.

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Sorry for the late information and article.

Unicode was released a while back and we were unable to tell some information about it, so here is some important information!

Unicode is a rage game. It is 100% possible, but there are probably bugs. Sadly, the computer with the file for Unicode had a virus and lost all its data. This may be a problem for Unicode, but we still have ideas for what we plan to do next. We will get there later. Unicode features 50+ challenges: 5 stars, 9 worlds, 2 endings, Final Bonus Challenge, 10+ Bosses and Minibosses, an original story, and the debut of No Mistakes Mode, a feature where you must defeat a series of rage without dying. Sadly, we were unable to make No Mistakes on time for Unicode as the computer lost data and we were left with just normal mode so the No Mistakes here is for the worlds 1-3. The game itself has an original soundtrack, with all themes composed by Merso Aweheo and Exploding Tacos. There are only 2 themes we remixed (Old Puppet by Amacha Music Studio and Castle Theme from Super Mario World by Nintendo) but they are all originally composed. We hope you enjoy our game!

As for our next plans, Creatalsoftware and Exploding Tacos has released a Mobile Port of It is Too Dark, called ~The Shadow of Lucifer~, with 10 levels. It is not the same as the true It is Too Dark but it works. We hope you enjoy that. Merso is currently developing a puzzle-horror RPG with RPG Maker 2003, and he is also working on It is Too Dark: All You Need to Know which will be available for purchase on Gamejolt for five dollars. However... Creatalsoft is working on making a 3D Open World game. It won't be a sandbox, but it will be developed in Blender.

That is all for now. We hope you enjoy Unicode, the Free Rage Platformer! Have a good day!

~Merso Aweheo, Unicode Main Developer and Creatalsoftware Owner

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