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Today is a big day, Cartoon Strike is finally out of Early Access.

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Hello everyone,
we have a big news for you. Today is a big day, Cartoon Strike is finally out of Early Access.

What new content is added in Season 1?

  • Lots of new skins for weapons and characters.
  • New Farm map (remaster of the old Farm map from Cartoon Strike Online).
  • New Prototype map.
  • Achievements.
  • Daily Quests.
  • New profile system - you can now play with all skins on all maps.
  • Party system - play with friends.
  • New shooting system.
  • And many more small improvements.

Season explanation and FAQ
Seasons are introduced for better understanding of our release cycles. We refer to Early Access as Season 0 (S-0 for short) and to Full Release as Season 1 (S-1). With new season comes new level up rewards, new boxes and lots of new content.

What defines Season 1?

  • We view Season 1 as Season 0 extended with new content. So Season 1 contains all the content of Season 0 and many new additions.

How Season 1 affects level up rewards?

  • Level progress is reset and new rewards are added. Level up to claim exclusive Pink and White Rabbit skin - mascot of Season 1! Overall level up rewards have been increased.

What is an exclusive skin?

  • Exclusive skins can be used for all profiles: History, Present, Future. They are marked with purple color. Currently only four skins are exclusive:
  • Chicken Man Yellow set, Chicken Man White set, Rabbit Pink set, Rabbit White set.

How Season 1 changes boxes?

  • Boxes are renamed to include season abbreviation, e.g. Common Standard Box is now Common Standard Box S-0. Newly added box of same type is named Common Standard Box S-1.

What contains boxes from Season 1?

  • Common Standard/History/Present/Future Box S-1: One weapon or clothes skin. Either selected from new skins or Season 0 skins.
  • Rare Standard/History/Present/Future Box S-1: Three weapon or clothes skins. One common, one rare and one either common or rare. Each skin is selected from new skins or Season 0 skins.
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