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Yay i finally finish now go play, especially you pewdiepie

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Full version is finally here, awaiting authorization right now, but otherwise, it is a go!

Now to make this field longer, i will repost the rules!

How to play this game:
1)When you spawn, grab the note, when you press the down arrow, you will be teleported to a room.
2)On the wall in the room will be a lever, pull it, which will release one monster
Objective - You have to find it's despawn point (an area where the monster will despawn) and you have to survive all 10 monsters!
WATCH OUT! Step in the wrong spot and a barrel will spawn, making you slower and easier to kill
WATCH OUT! Step in the wrong spot and statues will block the despawn point.
This one is not only for PewdiePie, but his all his fans as well!
Enjoy :)

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