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After the two beta demo releases, we've done it! The full demo is now available for download here on IndieDB!

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It's finally finished!

The full demo is now available for download here on IndieDB!

Thank you anyone who helped Beta test it and flatten out those pesky bugs, spelling errors, glitches and anything else.

Sadly, this does mean that no more updates to the demo will be released.

But fear not! While I work on the game I will try to hold peoples interest with screenshots and videos.

Then will come the game's beta test, which I'm sure will be a daunting task in itself!

As a last thought to you guys. I have been pondering something for a while now and can't decide. This game is turning out, story-wise, that it's going to be a long one. So I was curious what the opinion on releasing it episodically would be? It is a FREE game remember, so there would not be pricing issue to worry about, but it would mean playing the game in short sessions rather than one long playthrough, at least until all episodes were complete. However it also means that releases can start coming earlier than if I waited until the entire game was finished, polished & ready for a full release... Thoughts?

Beta Playable Demo (Final Version)

Flip of a Coin Beta Playable Demo (Final Version)

Thanks to all,

Kieron Behan

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