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It's a really small chair...Just wanted to give a little insight on the name of the company, and perhaps some inspirational words along with it.

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I wanted to share a little of my story as the founder of Hwy 21. What's in a name? Sometimes I figure companies simply brain storm a list of names and pick the coolest one, or perhaps they find a company name generator, heh. I have high hopes for this company, and always wanted to remember where it started. Right now I'm hoping I'm reading this in some sort of fancy office somewhere...a boy can dream right?

It started in my house, as most of us indie devs do, and what's real close to the house? I'm sure you've guessed, a road named Highway 21. I've lived on this road most my life and thought it was fitting to name the company after it. Simple, personal, easy to google, lol.

I hope if you are reading this that you too have a dream of making it big. Don't be scared to dream! Don't let people take that dream from you either. Sure we'll fall down, but the real question is not how many times have you fallen, but how many times you have gotten back up again.

Do you know how many failures Abraham Lincoln had before making it into the presidency? He's already an impressive president, but then to go back and see the deaths in his family and persecution from those around him, and all the times people didn't accept him in any sort of office, and still he trudged on, makes it so much more impressive. How did he do it? Some sort of magic power? Of course not, he had a dream and reached for it, and refused to quit. In his mind he already had it, he just had to convince the people around him.

Let's go for it. Let's leave nothing in the ring so to speak. We'll give it our best, get knocked down, and get back up again!

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