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Homebrew 14: We've transitioned from pre-alpha to alpha, read more about it here.

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Today marks the transition from pre-alpha to alpha and it's also the first version of Homebrew where the community had this much input on the direction that we were heading in.

Whereas V13 was designed for our personal amusement this version is different and the result of constructive feedback from the community. It helped us shape the game and without you guys we wouldn't have this build on our hands today. Thanks a lot to everyone who made suggestions, reported bugs and supported us on this exciting journey.

HOMEBREW V14 is an entire rework of the game and the new core systems are redesigned to build bigger/more advanced in less time.

These new systems will also allow us to implement new content faster which results in more frequent updates. The changes we're talking about are huge in comparison to the previous updates and it's impossible to mention them all.

A year of feedback and a lot of work goes a long way, now let's check out what HOMEBREW V14 has to offer:

A brief summary of the changes:


  • Graphics overhaul with optimization in mind
  • All levels have been reworked
  • New LOD systems
  • Added a lot of screen effects
  • New water has been implemented
  • Dynamic skybox with day and night cycle
  • New tools have been implemented to improve overall look


  • PhysX 3 integration
  • Aerodynamics rework
  • Water dynamics with wave physics added
  • Wheel physics rework
  • Realistic driveshaft physics
  • Physical based electric system
  • All other physics systems have been reworked or modified
  • ...


  • Undo/redo
  • You can hold down SHIFT to keep welding a given part
  • You can hold down ALT to have see through the vehicle: comes in handy with rotation discs
  • Not confined to hanger any longer, you build in the world
  • Total UI overhaul
  • Highly optimized baking system for vehicles
  • No part or size limit for vehicles
  • No polygon limit
  • It is now possible to save whatever you build as a part and weld it to something else
  • Merged the frame builder, the vehicle builder and the tuning area into 1
  • Multiple construction zones
  • Improved pipe builder (more variation)
  • Sound rework
  • Camera doesn't collide with the vehicle any longer
  • Adjustable plating system
  • Adjustable pipe system

New linking system

  • Less properties, more possibilities
  • Finally we can "program" by using logic boxes and linking them together
  • Your vehicle can be a whole system on its own
  • Sensors can be used to improve vehicle behaviour
  • No more global key binds needed, they can be added directly on the seat and named appropriately
  • Holding SHIFT when linking allows you to link to multiple points
  • You can see the values in real-time, this gives a better understanding of what's going on


  • Sound rework
  • Can swim and dive
  • Respawn button
  • The player is a robot which will be customizable later on
  • Behaviour rework
  • Continuous jumping doesn't work any longer

Some part changes

  • Adjustable plates (glass and regular)
  • Part rework: more detailed and in colour
  • Sounds rework
  • Scalable wheels, fuel tanks, propellers, ...
  • A bunch of "programmable" parts that allow you to build robot arms, autopilot planes,...
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