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Hi! It's friday evening and time to talk about game making progress.

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This week I have fixed a lot of issues, especially in menu, changed resolution to something normal and polished the code. All those bugfixes and rewritings allowed me to implement some new features. Player is now able to use new weapon - landmine. But be aware! Enemies can use it too! So stay close to see new boss that will throw landmines at us and mine trawler that is going to deploy those little surprises into the battlefield.

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Options menu and game selection menus are now working much better and offer more. You can adjust a lot of game options in a random game mode to suit your needs.

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Some new particle systems were added to simulate weather. This module still needs some work, but I have layed foundations to build nice weather system, that will make gameplay more attractive. I have also created some new waves of enemies.

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I started to work at new boss, that looks like great tracked drilling platform and (finally!) started to implement two models that were already done.

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What I am going to do next week? Add a new boss and those models. Create new mission of the campaign and more new waves of enemies. And I need to do something that propably take most of my time - introduction video and game trailer! Well, and I need to take care of my YouTube channel (which you can check HERE). So stay tuned and check my Twitter and blog frequently. You can also visit The Tanks Steam profile: Steamcommunity.com and ModDB/IndieDB profiles!

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