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Ver.06 is the current workload. A promising playtest revealed a handful of bugs and unbalanced units, which will be addressed. Conflict Terra is getting there!

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Last night, a three way FFA playtest showed that the NKG is coming along nicely for Conflict Terra. As one of the playtesters commented about halfway through, "It's almost like we're playing a real game." A handful of units revealed to be broken either in concept or execution, so they will be addressed for the following version. Here is a list of what I plan to look at and fix:

  • Shields haven't been calibrated at all, as they can currently block all weapons and have a large power rating. They will be balanced.
  • The Transport Carriers have finally proven themselves to work as they should, but their carrying capacity is another thing that has not been looked at or calibrated.
  • The Resurrection Tank has shown it has a nasty side. Armed with a paralyzing EMP ray that was originally intended to be a "weak defense" if front-line Resurrection Tanks were attacked, it has proven to be a monster. Able to quickly paralyze enemy units before they can even open fire, the enemy units are usually killed quickly thereafter, and then resurrected by the Resurrection Tank! A large group of twenty or more can stop a decent sized army in its tracks, and then add it to it's own. Funny how these things never occur to us when we first think of them. We have several ideas on how to potentially fix this. Replacing the EMP ray with a normal, very weak attack, putting a low build limit on the Resurrection Tank, or splitting the unit up into a Tech Level 1, unarmed Resurrection Tank, and a Tech Level 2, EMP armed version with a low build limit.
  • Several of the new units added in ver.05.1 seemed to have not made it into the armor system. This will be fixed, and we'll be sure to stay on top of adding new units.
  • I will be remodeling the Land Defense Ship. It's similarity with the Air Defense Ship makes it confusing, and just has to go.
  • It was observed in a minor playtest that Cruisers were extraordinarily hardy, so I doubled all designated Anti-Air damage to cruisers. It was after this that I discovered the Cruisers didn't make it into the armor system. We decided to see what would happen with increased anti-Cruiser damage, and the result was they were killed very quickly. Cruisers will recieve less damage.
  • The new Advanced Airport's runway, for whatever reason, flickers. The odd thing is the normal Airport's runway doesn't. This'll be looked at and hopefully fixed.
  • We are still seeking an appealing and effective UI to come with Conflict Terra. Although we've made virtually no headway in this direction, we're definitely still looking. One of the largest goals currently is to achieve an effective and intuitive system for our build icons.
In addition to this work on the mod, the Development Team came up with the idea to make some maps specifically made for Conflict Terra. These maps won't be made to only cater to the style of play intended for Conflict Terra, but also to go along with the art style present in the game. Basically, we experimented with flat colors on a map and were very pleased with what we saw. We're excited to get some of these maps going.

I think that about wraps it up.


nokanomi - - 101 comments

about that ressurection tank, why dont you make a morph button for a t1 version that takes about 10 minutes alot of metal, alot of energy, to make it balanced, or you could possibly make it shut down at different times due to a problem with the emp weapon to make it fair? or perhaps make it so that the thing has next to no health, and is incapable of targeting air or water enemies? all of those are possible ways to fix that

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