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My first message on IndieDB, presenting my current in-dev game.

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Hello IndieDB community!

My name is Hephep (Michaël for real) and I decided to give a better vision on the game I'm developping on my free time. I'm already on some forum (CanardPC, TigSources) and on itch.io but as I progress in the development I need both more comments and motivation to go along, and doing this indieDB page will surely allow me to get both. some words about myself (skip this part if you don't care ;) ):

I'm Michaël, 30yo, french embedded developer with wife and kids (one is still in development but I have a release date :) ) and I like to develop games in my free time. I played a lot when younger, and I still love to play but I think what I need now is to create something rather than just playing for fun. I did a gamejam last year, done a little game on unity and I try to go with slightly bigger ambition this time, but the project I'm on is still modest to allow me to finish it one day :)

The game:

Micro Adventure in a dark Alley

Such a dark place to meet...

It is an adventure/platform game with no combat, it's more like a point and click. Some dialogs, some little "puzzle" and I hope an action part, it is focused on the story and the characters (at my own level of course). The game will be split in 9 parts (9 areas) which can not all be visited at the start, they will be unlocked during the investigation the player will make, the goal will be to unlock the last area where the "boss" is.

An empty bar...

The plot: Milosevitch is head-down in a garbage can, beaten up by the bearded brothers, 3 bad guys working for the "boss" of the neighborhood. They tell our hero to stop trying to reach the boss, and forget about what he stole, because it's his property now. But Milosevitch is not a man that give up so easily, and since the force didn't work, he will investigate to find the secret weakness of the bearded brothers, the only obstacle between him and the boss, Stanislas.

Some features now:

  • 2D platformer (move, jump, ladders and platforms to climb on, interactions with objects and dialogs with NPCs)
  • Developped on Gamemaker : Studio
  • All in pixel art, drawn by me and only me, most of it on a smartphone when I make breaks during job (mostly in the bathroom :) ).
  • I do all the programming parts as well, except maybe some part like controllers handling that may be a free asset I will credit.
  • The music is done by Dustin van Wyk, a great guy that offered to work on this game for free!

That is pretty all for now, I'll try to post updates every time I make a big advance in the development. I don't work on it on a regular basis so it takes time for such a little project but I do my best ;)

Stay tuned, I'm planning to release a demo soon (at least it is my current milestone)

See ya,


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