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We've answered the most common questions from our community! Who we are, when you'll be able to play Hero Draft (soon!), and more.

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Who are we?

Digital Confectioners is an independent game studio in New Zealand. We are most well known for our sharks vs divers game Depth, which released in 2014 and is still being updated. We don't have any publishers or investors, and are making Hero Draft as a polished standalone title that we want to play!

Is this just Auto Chess?

While we are inspired by Dota Auto Chess, Pokemon Defense, and Blood Tournament, our goal is to create something new.

We are building a community early on to help us develop ideas, while keeping what drew us all to DAC. Join our community and you will see this is not a copy.

When can I play Hero Draft?

We are working hard to have Hero Draft ready for early playtests with our community ASAP. After that we would like to have it ready for the public in mid 2019!

How will you make money?

Hero Draft will be a free-to-play game. All gameplay content will be unlockable by playing for free, and will never be pay-to-win!

We plan to sell cosmetic skins for the board, heroes, and summoners. We're also considering selling summoners in a similar fashion to League of Legends.

What are Summoners?

Choose a Summoner to play as for each game. Each Summoner will have their own bonus. For example one Summoner might earn more gold, while another would have more health.

Where can I have my say?

We really want to hear all your feedback, suggestions and questions! Feel free to post here and join our discord (Hero Draft Invite Link: Discord.gg).

What platforms will Hero Draft be on?

  • PC (Steam, our website)

  • iOS (App Store)

  • Android (Google Play Store)

  • ...

How will you deal with cheaters/hackers?

We are designing our client-server mode in a way that will make it virtually impossible to cheat in Hero Draft. If someone manages to, the hammer will be swift and just.

Will you have matchmaking?

Yes, we will have skill based matchmaking.

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