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Thanks to an array of new articles and some very supportive and devoted fans, we've noticed a considerable increase of followers and people interested in our project recently. Consequently we also see a few questions and remarks popping up regularly which we'd like to address.

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GoldenEye 25 - Frequently asked questions

  1. There is already an existing GoldenEye game called GoldenEye: Source. So why GoldenEye 25?
    Our project is by no means a competition to GoldenEye: Source. We both are former or still active developers on the latter project and we're highly fond of it.
    GoldenEye: Source has one major difference though: It is a multiplayer game only whilst GoldenEye 25 is meant to recreate the single player missions.
    It goes without saying that we're also developing "25" on the Unreal Engine and not Source Engine.

  2. What will it cost?
    Once finished GoldenEye 25 will be entirely free to play.

  3. On what platforms will it be released?
    Our main goal is to release on PC. Linux and Mac releases are possible. Any console release is highly unlikely.

  4. Do you appreciate our feedback?
    Absolutely! We're are thankful that you take time to monitor our outlets and give your feedback on what we do.
    Though do keep in mind that most of what you see is unfinished and subject to change.

  5. Why is the release date so far away?
    As of now we are two people working on this game. Every asset is made from scratch. This takes time. We want to deliver a solid, well-balanced game. Last but not least 2022 will mark the original
    GoldenEye's 25th birthday.

  6. Aren't you afraid of a C&D?
    To be very clear: We are very well aware of a potential C&D as many of you pointed out. But GoldenEye: Source has existed for many years without being shut down. So we do hope we won't be shut down either. We're just going to keep working on the game and not be deterred by the legal confusion surrounding the GoldenEye IP.

  7. Why do you release pictures, movies and other forms of documentation already?
    We always try to think of our community first. Since it was not common practice back in the 90's, we never got major insights into the development of the original GoldenEye 64. The situation is different now. We can take advantage of social media and YouTube. We want to let you be part of the development and we'll build up a well documented archive in the process.
    To sum it up: We want to give you what we, ourselves, would like to see, if we were following this game's development.

  8. Can we support this game financially or is there any sort of crowdfunding?
    We follow the same philosophy as GoldenEye: Source. To minimize the risk of any legal interference we do not accept any sort of financial support.
    Although we highly appreciate the gesture and the love.

I wish you two the best! From the little you guys showed, it looks awesome already! Every time I play GoldenEye: Source I keep repeating in my head how cool would it be to play single player missions too.

Keep up the great work guys!

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Thanks so much for your kind words. :D

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The community wants to help, and I think I speak for all. will there be a github or any way for fans of this project to contribute their talents?

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