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This is the FAQ thread where you can find answers to your questions related to this mod.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to play Sevenheart?

A: Computer, Warband 1.173 and WSE. Also replace the mb_warband.exe with the one in the link. There are instructions placed in readme.txt that comes with the installation and also in main moddb page.

Q: Does WSE work on steam version of warband?

A: Yes. Check the install instructions on main page.

Q: Why there are so many bugs?

A: Sevenheart is still in beta. I do my best to fix them with each new patch.

Q: Where can I find a non steam versions of Warband ?

A: TaleWorlds website.

Q: "When I launch the mod an error appears saying "unable to open file comonres/ccoop_extra_ui_textures.brf"

A: You need to have warband 1.173.

Q: Game asks me for VC serial code. Why?

A: Read the solution here.

Q: I found a bug, how do I post it?

A: You can join our discord channel, which you find its link in main page and talk with us in person. Or - just post it on moddb comments section of your experience, with a rgl_log.txt download link.

Q: What is rgl_log?

A: It is a text file located in main warband folder, that keeps a log of your last game run. Which means, when there is a bug, crash or any problem of sorts, we directly look at the output in this file to pinpoint the source of the problem. So it is essential we need this file.

Q: You are running an unsupported version of Warband (WSE only supports version 1.173)
But I have Warband 1.173 version. What should I do? (Steam version)

A: Replace the mb_warband.exe and dedicated one with the ones in this link.

Q: If you are getting crashes or CTDs in battle, try:


  • Turning down your texture level.
  • Play in a non-steam warband (retail) version, if you are using steam.

Q: I have Warband 1.173 & WSE 4.6.1. I'm getting Opcode errors, mostly line 2320, every time I speak to someone in the starting city. Also, if I crouch "z", when I stand up, I'm frozen in place. Have I missed something?

(Love the depth in this mod!)

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EfeKaracar Author

That is weird, I will look into it.

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Q: Where can I find a non steam versions of Warband ?

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EfeKaracar Author

TaleWorlds website.

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Does it support higher version? I have 1.174.

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Q; I keep crashing, and M&B just closes. No error message, no nothing. Just wondering what the cause is and potential remedies. Thanks.

P.S, I ******* love the mod, I think it's great, and fair play to you for creating it. It's just a shame I can't play it fully.

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