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Space Blaster, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, XCVB and Futuridium EP make up your foundation for a fabulously free Friday!

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Happy Freedom everyone! Freedom from the tyranny of work, school, the daily grind and free from paying for your entertainment! We have four stellar free video games for you all too enjoy!

The first game ready for your oculars is Space Blaster. Steel your mind for SB as it starts as a simple space shooter but develops itself to imprison you within it so it may move past the digital realm and inter your mind. If hunting demons is more your bag then Akaneiro: Demon Hunters has you covered, transporting you to a world realized in a striking visual style inspired by Japanese ink, watercolor and wood-block illustration. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a F2P title with a starter pack available for those looking to get a heads up on their enemies!

The next two games are all about control and perception! Get ready for frustration (the good kind) with XCVB. You play as an L shapped arrow attempting to navigate to the end of the level, your opposition is your controls. Try to keep up here as we explain: X to left and right. C to up and down. V to go in the direction of UP or DOWN. B to go in the direction of Left or Right. Good luck with that one! Our last featured game is Futuridium EP. An old school shoot'em up with a modern twist. Futuridium EP offers fast paced, non stop, hard as hell action, with an original 45 minutes soundtrack and colourful, glitchy graphic.

Come back same time next week for more delicious freedom!


Does they keep on my inventory or they'll be gone tomorrow?

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they will stay in your inventory. the games are 100% free

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I run the Linux client. How do I add these? Also how do I navigate the client at all? Don't seem all that good to be honest.

I've pressed Install game and it says it's not available for my platform, but will I still have it added for later?

I can't add it without installing?

I can't add from the webpage? Or get a key somehow or such?

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There we go. All installed in Desura for Windows in Wine .. Just to own them. But shouldn't there be some other way? Waste of bandwidth, disk space, packages, .. At least I figured out the navigation, press games and one get back here and for that page alone there's arrows so one can get back to the news item.

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Agreed, so frustrating. In earlier iterations of the Desura client, the same thing would occur if you ran the 64-bit client, and the game provided only a 32-bit Linux installer. There are loads of bugs in Desura that are fixed in the open-source version of the client, Desurium. I hope it get some love to polish it up for a release soon... when it's working, I'm pretty happy with the Desura client and would like to see it be more flexible & functional, and less crashy.

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Still list games owned as none in the Linux client. WTF?

What a mess. They are just temporarily installed in the Windows client?

I'm quite sure one of the games even mentioned Linux at a glance of it.

Ok, it was soon Linux for futurium. But why can't I see them as owned unless they will be free later? Will I still have them or are they just free for download now but will be gone if I lose the downloaded content?

This make me scared of buying any bundle with Desura content to. Though I assume adding by key is "safe."

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Henley Author

Just so you know none of the games have a Linux release.

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Also, Spicy Horse has committed to a Linux release, and Akaneiro Kickstarter backers have been playing it for months. Do you suppose it's still in beta?

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Might be a reason to show it as such, but I can see better ways. Also if I'm supposed to add all these + bundles + possibly single purchases I may want to have some better way to filter it all than just a favourite star. Regardless my basic problem is that I can't add them to my inventory without actually installing them (I can with keys but I can't when I click free for whatever reason - clicking them = installing them.) It of course doesn't make much sense to install them in Linux/wine (though they could possibly run there to.)

However it may still make sense to add them even if one don't run Windows because in some future date I may be, or have access to a computer which do.

I guess one may get used to the "client is kinda like a web browser" and the interface but I can't say I enjoy it as is. Good that titles is available and more of these indie ones are on Desura than on Steam.

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Summary page of Futuridium EP says that linux release will coming (soon)

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