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FREEDOM: Diegesis is a pastiche of typical Mario-esque platformer games twisted into something unpredictable and horrifying.

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FREEDOM: Diegesis v1c, free for Windows PC, has just been released here on IndieDB.

mother nature 2

Story Set-Up:

This world was once a predictable place, where heroes stomped minions and rescued damsels. But now it is mutating into something much stranger. As a result the heroes are missing or unwilling, and the villains have huddled away searching for more from life.

The protagonist, a disgraced prisoner, finds himself in over his head amidst these changes. He's tasked with infiltrating the Eastern Lands and rescuing his kingdom's princess in exchange for freedom. But he's no warrior, and the world's mutation is spreading...

FREEDOM weaves together tricky puzzle platforming and surreal "show don't tell" storytelling in 20+ unique areas.




Thanks for playing!

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