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The official announcement that there will be a sequel!

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Ok, so if your reading this.. then you have most likely played Freedom, the RPG game that puts you in the shoes of Romero, a half good half bad guy, who you control and decide which half really shows! Well after completing every quest you may think.. What else can you do? And where can you go with this game now that its over... there was no story. So what next?? Well, now we add a story. A story that focuses on the outcomes of some of the first games quests, and on the affect on the community that you had, when you performed these tasks that were given to you! So really, the towns a mess after you killed the people you killed, and the police don't want to toss you in jail because you killed bad people, and helped out townsfolk, so they issue you with a warring.. Do not kill any good people, and we can let the bad killings slide. sweep them under the table, and blow them off! So you agree, and now more tasks then ever are open to you! There are countless criminals in Roswell that need to be taken out, and you are now backed by the police. So now you go around killing criminals, and completing small quests for the townspeople! Until you mess up and kill a good person, not knowing they were good, you are sent to jail, and the person that sent you on the quest is now taking your place as official criminal killer. Your pissed, and your story is only starting! Freedom 2- Is coming sometime next year or in 2011! It has the most epic soundtrack in gaming history, and is backed by a story, and a totally re-done Roswell, with more areas to explore, and more things to do and drive!

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