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Looking to stir up some interest! Here are the indiedb exclusive game codes!

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Hey there guys.
I'm getting wise to this marketing game, so here are some gift codes to get the ball rolling.The special currency of Battle Mines is called simply Gold, here I'm including 5 codes for 10 Gold and 5 more for 5 Gold. 10 Gold (~$10 value) is enough to give you the "full" game experience. It will buy you two things:
1. Autoharvest (cost: 5 Gold), which allows you to automate building harvests while you are away.2. Terraforming (cost: 5 Gold), which lets you change the composition of your land and unlocks the upper tech tree.
If you get a 5 Gold code, you will have to pick which one you want (unless you can throw in a few bucks; you also get a little free Gold at the start). If you want terraforming, be sure to save your Gold until you can advance up the tech tree a little ways.
10 Gold codes

5 Gold codes

To use your code, first create an account at Battlemines.comThen go to the Account page and enter the code.
Only one code in this batch will work per user. Please don't create multiple accounts.If you use a code, please mention it in this thread, and later on it would be great if you returned to post feedback!
Thank you!

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