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Here I, the developer of The Penguin Trials will explain the limitations of the free version of the game versus the Pro version.

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One thing a demo or free version must do is hook the player and make them want more, however it must not be too short or else the player may not have long enough to make an impression. So here I am posting the basic factors of both the pro and the free version of my new game The Penguin Trials.

Free Version

  • 10-16 levels - enough to get the player hooked without giving them too much content to play with.
  • NO exporting or playing in the Level Editor - if the player is creative or want to share levels with the community he must purchase the game first. Same with if they want to play levels.
  • Nag Screens - horrible and annoying but very effective, the player needs to be constantly reminded of the fact they can get more features for a cheap price.

Pro Version

  • 48+ levels - as much content as the player could want with even more extension thanks to fact number two.
  • Exporting, Importing and Playing all supported in the level editor along with full access to the level directory meaning the game can be extend for as long as people have creativity.
  • No nag screens - you'd be surprised to hear the people will pay just to be left alone!
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