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Join Bay Dawes and her dead pet rabbit, Dink on their fairy-tale adventure to discover who is Framing Dawes. Talk to inanimate objects, time travel and cast spells while you explore the beautiful 2D hand-drawn world in this 20 minute demo teaser of the game.

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Thank you so much for your patience while waiting for the Framing Dawes demo to be released. It's been a crazy few months that's consisted of being almost ready, and then not being ready at all, then being ready again. You get the idea.

Anyway, I finally got there, and I genuinely believe this version of the demo is much better than the one I was initially going to release, and I hope you'll think it was worth the wait. I'm a muddle of emotions right now: excited, proud, nauseous, and incredibly nervous about its impending reception. I really do hope you will like it.

The demo is available on Windows and will be ready to download tomorrow here:


So what's in the demo?

You'll play the part of Bay Dawes, our troubled teen, who is suffering from memory loss. You'll be able to explore her house and garden, interact with objects and inventory, talk to a few inanimate objects and reveal more about her family history. You'll get to meet Dink, the rabbit, and..... Well, I don't want to give too much away...

What's missing from the demo that will be in part one?

The demo is about a third of the size of part one. Around 97% of the artwork for part one is complete, so its relatively safe to assume the size won't deviate too much from the plan. There will be more environments for Dawes and Dink to explore, more inventory items to find and use, and more characters to meet.

Below is a summary of the other additions that will be dependent on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign:

1. Voice acting - I have found the voices for Dawes and Dink, but no dialogue has been recorded yet. There are additional parts to find voices for too, and I'm working with a great casting company to help with this.

2. Soundtrack - I've composed some music that appears in the demo. However, I have a very talented composer lined up, and we'll be working together to create a more professional and engaging musical feast for you.

3. Localisation - I've found a fantastic company to work with, and I'll be seeking feedback from you guys to understand your preferences with regards to localisation before I make any concrete decisions.

4. Dawes' journal - as you progress through the game, Dawes will write and draw her thoughts and fears in her journal which will also act as a subtle hint system if you find yourself stuck at any point during the game

Did you mention a Kickstarter?

Yes, I did! I am planning a Kickstarter campaign to run sometime in 2020 which aims to raise funds for the things listed above and (hopefully) to fund the artwork for parts two and perhaps even for part three. I can't share too much just yet, but there will be some exciting rewards to snap up, including early access to part one and a cute black Dink plush. I'll share more with you early in the new year.

There's always the chance that the Kickstarter campaign will be unsuccessful but, I'll still be able to release the game. It may not have all the whistles and bells mentioned above, but it'll still be a fun game to play with an engaging story. I plan to make Framing Dawes as polished as possible.

Thank you again for your continued support <3

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here:


The Jinxed Bunny

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