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Quick Blurb about the game and what players can expect.

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Fowl & The Great Ball of Fire is a single player action platformer for PC, MAC, Linux and hopefully with a decent trailer it will be greenlit.

The Story

The Devil has decided to call it quits. The lake of fire is almost full, there’s a back log of souls to be damned and now things are getting desperate for the demon inhabitants of hell.

You play as Fowl the hell kitten. Before the devil went missing. Fowl spent his time browsing the damned, looking for that perfect scent of fear! Which he then concentrated and molded in to scented candles for the other demons of hell to enjoy.

Due to the Devil’s departure, Macabre, the Devil’s second in command, has called upon Fowl, and his extraordinary sense of smell, to track down the Devil and return him to hell. In order to leave hell A Great Ball of Fire has been summoned to keep Fowl from freezing to death as he ventures father and farther away from warmth of hell’s fire.

Fowl must keep the Great Ball of Fire from being extinguished and maneuver the ball through various puzzles, traps, and environmental obstacles. There’s another catch. The Great Ball of Fire is an infant and needs to be fed souls in order to burn brightly. Fowl must also keep close to the ball or risk freezing to death himself.

In addition to the gameplay and main story, the game evolves around the loath-hate relationship between Fowl and the Great Ball of Fire as they continue on their adventure together.

Other Details

Animation & art style is cartoonish with a low poly feel. The game will play keyboard / mouse but will support a controller by default. No mobile port is planned.

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