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I estimate the game is about 70% done right now. Definitely on track to finish it in February.

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It is at: Cityfortyone-mattgreer.dotcloud.com

This new build adds:

  • death animations for fire, spikes and being crushed by rocks
  • more and better sound effects and music
  • lots of bug fixes
  • true placeholder graphics for the level summary and above ground have been replaced with in progress real graphics (they aren't done yet though)
  • Credit screen
  • Treasure is now properly accounted for when you die

And here is about all that is left to finish the game:

  • get all graphics 100% done, mostly the outdoor scenery and level summary screen
  • Get all the remaining sound effects and music in place
  • polish up and refine level 1
  • finish levels 2 and 3, including drawing new dragons for them
  • Get the physics juuuuuust right
  • bug bash! find and fix all the bugs that are lurking in there
  • Do one last pass through and refine/tweak/polish anything that still feels a bit raw
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