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moddb.com will now be the home forums for Terra Nova mod. I also describe some new features for the delayed release of 10.82.

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I was banned from paradoxplaza.com forums and although I obviously think it was extremely unfair, I am nto going to waste my time talking about it. So, from now on, this is where you can find me, on moddb.com.

Something very important in histroy that is completely wrong in EU3 is the concept of inflation involved with Gold and Silver coinage or trading versus Fiat currencies that have no or little actual value other than what the government says its value is. There has been Fiat currencies in history and this is where the real inflation happened. Gold and SIlver rarely change in value if at all and are always desired but once a fiat currency is used, Gold and SIlver are no longer the focus and thus the value assigned to the fiat currency can vary by extremes. In Terra Nova 10.82, Gold and Silver trade goods will no longer automaticly give inflation. Instead, there will be events for natiosn to choose Gold/Silver Currencies or Fiat currencies. This is what will control the majority of inflation problems or soultions in TN mod. This choice of currencies.

17blue17 - - 1 comments

Well I am very sorry to hear about the ban.

I am now registered here but I don't find a forum set up for the mod - only this download page with your comment. Is there going to be one or did I miss something?

Best Wishes as always


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extox - - 1 comments

what exactly happened to get you banned?

also i dont see how your going to keep the same zeal updating the mod in this vacuum. When you get a chance i would try to get back onto the forums. If thats not an option then just move on to something else. I noticed you have alex jones on your youtube channels =) I think besides your very deep chrisitan beliefs we are very similar.

Also love the idea of fiat/commdity currencies.

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DarkenEU3 Author
DarkenEU3 - - 168 comments

soryy, I didnt see this comment until now and you have found the forum since then.

I have sent a email to PI, but no reply yet.
I am glad you like my Gold/Silver/Fiat changes and that you are on the same page in RL :D

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