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Learn the secrets of Forgotten Era! Let's start with some info about the available factions.

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Hello. Some time ago I started working on my first ever mod. Although there is plenty of fantasy-themed Warband mods, I wanted to create something more fresh. A heroic fantasy mod with first Conan movie feeling. So, I came up with the idea of world portrayed in this mod.

On the continent there are six factions with unique backstory and lore. Who are the inhabitants of this brutal and mysterious world, may you ask? Here is short presentation of each faction.

Baczaa Empire - Word "Baczaa" originates from ancient Kotvi language and means "Sun Father". It's also a name of the deity in largest monotheistic religion on the continent. Baczaa Empire is theocratic state ruled by Emperor Cassarius III. Baczaa Empire's terrains lay in the middle of the continent. Their military and technological superiority can be seen in Baczaa soldiers' equipment and fighting style. All warriors are uniformed, and mainly wear blue brigandine reinforced with steel shoulderpads. They prefer to use large, oval shield in battle in combination with spear and short sword. The armed forces of the religious authorities, such as merciless Zaelots and magic wielding Iquisitors are fearsome enemies of all disbelievers.

Kingdom of Sathraka - In dense forests in the south of continent lives proud and ancient folk of Sathraka. They consider themselves as descendants of mysterious Kotvi people. They believe in rich pantheon of various deities, as well as spirits of ancestors. Sathrakans live and think in simple way and love peace. However, in battle they rely on fast, surprise attacks of light infantry and archers.

Thalan Kingdom - In grim moorlands, forests and steppes of the north live tough and honorable Thalan people. The kingdom itself evolved from many barbarian tribes with similar culture and beliefs. United the stood against Baczaa Empire and established powerful state. Their economy is based on hunting and whaling. The mighty sea beasts takes special places in their culture - one of the main gods is Ekun, Lord of the Sea, portrayed as giant black sperm whale. Elite thalan warriors, Ekunans, owe their name to him. Thalan army is not very uniform. It consist of warriors wearing different types of armor and using various weapons. However, most prominent fighting style is using long, two handed swords.

Kheiduk Horde - This red-skinned, warlike folk came from the east. They crossed the mountains and settled down on steppes and mountain pastures. Before they've reached the continent, Kheiduks didn't have access to iron. To this day they rely mostly on bronze weapons and armor. The most noticeable part of their equipment is the flat helmet. This rather simple shape allows to manufacture this pieces of armor in huge amounts to meet the requirements of their huge army. In combat, Kheiduk soldiers rely mainly on their axes and shields.

Eshai Amazons - more than 700 years ago a strange disease stroke south-eastern province of Baczaa Empire. The male children born deformed, then disease evolved causing male stillborns. In the final stage, all children born in the region were girls. This strange disease was considered a result of some powerful, evil curse set on the land. Baczaa Empire gradually lost interest in "cursed" province, while it's all-female population tried to survive. They formed the kingdom of Eshai Amazons with powerful military and stable economy based on wine export and horsebreeding. The strange disease was no longer a problem - in fact altered the Eshai women's organisms to be stronger and more dubrable. And breeding stopped being a problem either - many travellers from other part of the continent find dark-skinned Amazons very attractive. Eshai believe in monotheistic worship of Sun Goddess. Their religion originates from worship of Baczaa but is less strict and focuses mainly on fertility.

Oroian Cult - in the middle of desert wastelands north of Eshai terrains a strange religious sect established it's settlements. The high priest and ruler of Oroian Cult is grim man who calls himself Koschei the Immortal, whose name reffers to ancient Sathrakan sorcerer who could cheat the death itself. Koshei is son of minor Eshai Noble and unknown Sathrakan man. He was first alive-born boy in the land of Eshai. Amazons considered him the miracle and gave him name Soye, which means "hope". But young Soye was more interested in searching for his origins. He ran away from his home and travelled to Sathrakan forests. There, old wizards and hermits told him the legend about Koshei, the powerful mage that could cheat death. Youn Soye was fascinated by the legend and devoted his life to learn the secrets of Koschei. He studied forbidden art of necromancy. He gathered a large number of followers and established a blasphemous death cult, know as Oroian Sect. The Gloomy Desert was perfect place to build settlements and temples for such sick cult. Koschei hates all the people of the continet, especially Eshai Amazons, because he thinks they've only seen him as an "reproductive stallion" that could restore full fertility to Eshai folk.

Ok, so there is some info of the factions you can join playing the mod. The will be more posts about the lore of the world in the future. Hope you like it and give my mod a chance when it's finished.

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