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0.0.28 released: Added a credits shop where you can buy premium items, updated main menu with different themes depending on when you're playing, added revive syringe & more!

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0.0.28 Release:

Added credits shop, you can spend credits for Premium Items , these items will have no game-changing effects, but will act more like another layer of customisation, or something to play around with. You can earn credits by exploring and playing the game, every 5 minutes of in-game time a credit drop (each worth 10 credits) will spawn randomly on the map (with a maximum cap of 5), all you need to do is pick it up! You can also sell any premium items you've brought on the shop menu, giving you back 25% of the original cost.

Main menu layout updated & added effects depending on when you're playing, currently if you play in January there's confetti falling, in October it gets spooky, and it start snowing in December. A lot of the interface has also been touched up to look better, mainly the face buttons.

Added a Revive Syringe, you'll be able to revive dead players using this item. Especially useful for permadeath modes, the Zombie Survival mode now has this item equipped by default.

Added new ambient track. Listen Here

Specific chat commands now display as their own message, instead of looking like a player message.

Small changes/bug fixes:

  • Fixed build toolbar placement.
  • Selected build object now defaults correctly when the toolbar is disabled.
  • Fixed freecam looking while mouse is free.
  • Improved zombie syncing for clients.
  • Made changes to Zom_Survival build.
  • Inventory clears when you die, if item drop is enabled.
  • Small post processing changes.
  • Buffed peacekeeper speed.
  • Fixed selection dropdown displaying incorrectly on 21:9 displays.
  • Player kicks now slightly delayed, allowing them to see the message in chat.
  • Fixed emote animations showing an extra hand.
  • Fixed scrolling through items while paused.
  • Added play time counter to Statistics page & debug info.
  • Fixed chat animation getting stuck.
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