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Version 0.0.16 has been released, adding a sprite overhaul, better camera control, a custom build map & lots of bug fixes!

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0.0.16 Release:

​All item sprites have been replaced, with a pixel art overhaul & held offsets have been adjusted for each item.


Third person camera now accounts for any obstacles ​in the cameras way, smoothly moving in front.

Item infomation page added to main menu, displaying use instructions & stats.

Created an example build file of a Prison map, available to download here: Prison Map Download.

​Added new killcards:

​​Small changes/bug fixes:

  • ​Fixed flycam bug when spectating.
  • Added new menu track, soundcloud.
  • Small changes to bedroom mesh & lighting.
  • Main menu & save menu buttons rearranged slightly.​
  • Certain projectiles have had sprites & particles changed.
  • Build files button added on main menu.
  • Changes to build & player material shaders.
  • Killcards are rendered better.
  • Reajusted map positions to allow build files to work better across different maps.
  • Fixed pre-build map object positions.
  • /delete all command changed to /delete builds.
  • Added /delete items command.​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Updated tutorial text.​​
  • More killcards displayed at once in dropdown.​
  • Improved button logic, checking how close the player is instead of the camera.
  • Build file sharing topic added to itch & indiedb forums and gamejolt community page.

Ooooooo! THANKS FOR paintball gun. I LIKE IT!

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