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And then came the forgetting. We forgot the Earth...

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And then came the forgetting. We forgot the earth. She became only a place to plant our feet and worship our machines. We forgot the sun. He only existed to warm our skin. We forgot the animals. They served only to fill our bellies and amuse us from within cages. We tried to forget the rain and cursed it when it watered our crops and filled our rivers. In our arrogance we drew a picture of a man in the sky and spread word that this man had built the world for us. But the tribes had different stories about the man and we fought and killed each other because our stories were different. Then we started to look at the world so hard that we forgot we were a part of it. We used it to build and we used too much. We gouged the earth's back and drew her black blood. We built machines to drink her blood and we began to worship the things we had made. And we started to forget the man in the sky and tore holes in his house and filled it with poison. We forgot the stars and sent machines into the broken sky to tell us where we were and help us talk. We forgot how to trade and traded in things not of worth but created a system of numbers which we could not control. And then, when the black blood of the earth ran to a trickle, we forgot we were a tribe.

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