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We are proud to announce that Forest of Suns is being developed first and foremost for OUYA.

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We've decided on a home for Forest of Suns! We are developing it primarily for the new 'indie-centric' console, the OUYA.

If you are not familiar with OUYA, it's a new crowdfunded gaming console that's about as powerful as a recent smart phone and it only costs $99. The major attraction for us is how extremely friendly it is to the little guys. In order to develop for most other consoles we would have to pay thousands for development kits while also getting bled with licencing fees. But with OUYA, the console itself can be used as a developement kit. So we can complete, test and publish our game on a home console for a grand total of a hundred bucks.The plan, as it stands, is to complete Forest of Suns on the console with the lowest development costs known to man and then port it to other platforms when we're done. Here's hoping that all the other bearded geniuses are thinking the same thing. It'd be nice to see OUYA grow into a fledgling nursery for upstart developers and not a reservoir for the programs of the damned.

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