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Post news RSS Flux Caves's first big update is here! v1.06

The patch for this puzzle game, contains a big performance upgrade, plenty of optimalization and a hidden object game also included with achievements! Can you find all the cakes?

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1.06 Patch notes:

  • After plenty of optimalization, FPS rate is now 10-40% higher in general. Both the inner and outer areas have been reworked.
  • Because I wanted players to take in the environment, I have added a collectible cake to every indoor level.
  • The Steam achievement system has now been included! Currently, there are 2 achievements, one for completing the game and one for finding every cake.

Future plans:

  • New open world only puzzles with a new island in Q3/Q4 2019
  • VR Support for HTC Vive
  • Nintendo Switch version. Hopefully the Nintendo will accept the game ~fingers crossed! :)

Useful links for Flux Caves:

You can buy the game on Steam: Flux Caves Steam page
Youtube trailer: Flux Caves - Trailer


E-mail: fubenalvo1987@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Facebook.com
Facebook Group of the developer:Facebook.com

You wrote about Flux Caves:

(Steam reviews)

Yendor: I really liked that each level was handcrafted -- too many games in this genre come up with 100 randomly generated mostly similar puzzles and it becomes a slog / chore. This one you have a sense of progress & progression, and it never got tedius.

avi: if you like 3D puzzle games then you will love this game. and it is a nice game, it will test your brain.its beautiful. I just fall in love with the game.

zoopox: Good visuals, interesting puzzles, relaxing music. Very decent little puzzle game. You'll have to move around pipe pieces and fix the pipes so that fuel balls can get through. Worth its price. Recommended!


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