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Introducing new gameplay mechanic that tells you the Child's past.

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Flashbacks. Often an essential tool in any storytellers arsenal they can both lift or sink a story. In our game, player will face four unique flashbacks, we call them Echos. Each Echo will be same room, but drastically different every time you see it, telling you about the past of the Child. Echo will utilize first person perspective instead of our traditional third person camera and freeze you in place, allowing to interact with items but not to move.

In the Echo you will be able to pickup and inspect items that directly or indirectly tell you Child's story and once you complete the Echo a new emotional plane (see previous news post) will be unlocked for you to help you in your adventures. Some clues may be more subtle than others, so it will be up to player to piece the facts together.

Below you can see Echo that unlocks Depression plane.
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Voted! always happy to see an update from you guys and needless to say, the gameplay mechanic sounds cool =)

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Araklaj Author

Thank you:)

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(Shoot, this is one late comment, but might as well say it anyways...)
Looks really interesting. I wanna see how your game looks from a first person perspective.

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