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Post news RSS Fixed the Multi-Level glitch; Now to add more content!

Basically I fixed the problem I had in earlier builds with the game not being able to have multiple levels, and now I'm sitting down with my friend (who works on the music as well) to implement the story and etcetera.

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So, It took a bit, but I finally fixed the problem I had with the original build.
The problem was that I couldn't add another level, because the game would simply crash by doing so.
I did a few things to fix it, and now it works perfectly fine, and you keep the weapons, ammo, and items from the original level as well.

Other than that, tomorrow I plan on sitting down with my friend Paroxtus, whom also makes the music for the game, so that he can help me implement the story and figure out where to place what and so on.

The next demo build you guys receive will be Demo Build 0.1.

What'll be in this build:
+ New levels (This time, proven and tested, and will happen)
+ Storyline
+ Cutscenes (Don't expect the cutscenes to be fancy in this build; I simply want to make cutscenes to add to the game and it's story and content, since it's rather lacking. They'll be done better in later builds.)
+ NPC's (Again, also probably going to need some polishing.)
+ More Jumpscares, in more creative ways
+ Yet even MORE disturbing content
And again, I can't stress how this game will only be scary to a few people, at least based on what I think.
It's all about you and how you react.
Don't go into this expecting it to be the scariest game ever, because I don't believe my game is that good on really any level.
It's still got a lot to be done.

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