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In this article, we present a short trailer and new updates available on the lastest patch released.

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Hey there,

We've spent the last weeks implementing new features and fixing some bugs for Five Nations. The patch is finished and released.

New features:

- The primary resolution of the UI changed from HD (1280x720) to Full HD (1920x1080). On other resolution settings the UI is scaled accordingly
- New resolution options: 1280x800, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1680x1050, 2560x1440
- Many missions refactored to make them playable on higher resolutions
- WASD scrolling hotkey layout: can be set in the Main Menu => Profile => Options
- The hotkeys can be edited in the JSON files in the assets/config/hotkey folder
- The speed of the units is indicated on the HUD
- Special Cruisers recieve the armor upgrades
- Links of our social media sites added to the Launcher window

Bug fixes:

- Save game fixed in missions (only affects the games saved after this patch): C01M05, C01M09, C02M12, C00M04 (where C stands for the chapter and M stands for the mission)
- Save game general fix: structures not animated after the game was loaded
- Main menu Exit popup overlapped by the mission selector
- Profile menu overlapped the How to play confirmation popup
- fixing typos in several places


- Repair POD and Shild Battery costs 5 power instead of 3
- Athrael Polaron Sphere and Thorun Guard Station weapon's now instantly hit (no projectile is created), Polaron Sphere's cooldown increased to 130 from 110
- Thorun Raider +5 speed, -25 Metal, -10 sec construction time
- Zhogarn Rictus, Ruptor and Elasmo Ruptor lost their ability to aim Fighters
- Beginner AI buffed: production time penalty changed from 200% to 50%, cargo penalty changed from -50% to -20%

Many thanks to everybody who helped us by providing feature suggestions, reporting bugs, streaming, writing reviews or anyhow helped the building of the community!

You can try it here


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