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Progress on the project at the moment. What is planned to do.

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- The shaders are partially developed and the environment is being worked on. The water now has a real time reflection.

- Fish. Fish ever changing. Another rebalance in favor of playfulness.

- Now in "my computer" there is an option with information about the lake - the number of fish, the percentage of females, the number of predators and the depletion of the food base. The information is updated after scanning.

- The first model of catching fish is ready - swim, throw
fishing nets, unload (repeat these actions until the number of fish will not be necessary to you) and choose who to let go or who to prepare for sale (now you can put only the minimum weight before packing, all the fish that is less than the specified weight will remain and it can be released), dragging boxes of fish in the warehouse and call the local entrepreneur or in the car (there is an idea - "goods" can be transported itself that respectively will give a large profit). Speaking of boxes, the containers have different cost and different shelf life of fish in them.

I continue to fix bugs, make 3D models. Of the "big" plans to develop "online store" with services and products, delivery system and make a gameplay part of the "visit the lake fishermen", I will tell you about it when I finish.

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