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Kaiju Fishing Dev Diary #13 Hey. How are you? Doin okay? Same, same. We’re gettin’ by. Just doin’ game dev things. Meetings, artings, programmings, bug fixings… more meetings. The usual. Cool, cool. Should we talk about the game? Let’s do it.

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Weekly Dev Update #13
Week of May 25

Heh.. anyways.. That joke will make sense in a minute. Story-time.

There’s a certain element of pride that fishing brings. When I was a kid, I went fishing with my family at some tiny lake in California. There were a dozen groups gathered around this tiny lake area (before social distancing was a thing) and everyone had a couple of lines in the water. Nobody was really finding much luck. Families were out here maybe teaching their kids how to cast or whatever (hey, that was us!). And then, my little brother’s line suddenly shoots out and the rod bends at a harsh angle. Everyone looks over.

The fight was on. For the next five minutes, we watched my brother (who was like 6 at the time) wrestle and reel this thing back and forth. It looked like the rod might snap in half. Other groups pulled their lines out of the water to make way as this fish twisted and dragged back and forth across the entire pond. All eyes on the one catch of the day. Everyone was rooting for this kid to land a fish because it was a spectacle.

And, mind you, my brother had never caught a fish ever. He was six.

After five grueling minutes, he finally gets it close and we net it. The groups around clap and show their support. His first ever fish and it was quite the showing. (Oh wow that happened, eye roll right?) Well, it did. And he stood there with this big, dumb grin showing off his catch. That’s some pride.

My point is that we want to capture that emotion and what better way to show off your catches than letting you keep your favorite fish in your own personal fish tank! It’s still early in development, but this feature will let you show off your favorites and… there might even be ways to keep your bigger catches… We’ll save that for another day.

So as a teaser, here’s a quick look at the beginnings of the Fish Tank feature:

In the demo, you’ll be able to save just one of each type of fish to view later but we plan to heavily expand this feature later! We also want to give you a chance to really cheese with your catch by posing next to your accomplishments. More later.

The Steam Festival is around the corner and we are still thrilled to be a part of it. We’re excited to show off our work and we’re excited to see all the other Indie games in the event!

We’ll be announcing our official schedule next week for the Dev Live Streams, Dev Talks, and more but I’ll leave this briefly overview of our general plans:

  • Gameplay Live Stream on the 9th. Watch us catch some fish and hang out.
  • Discord Hang-Outs every day of the week in the mornings.
  • Plus we’ll be watching Steam Discussions to respond when we can and continuing to share cool stuff on our Twitter (@MutantStudios).

The official times will be posted next week and be live on the Kaiju Fishing Demo Store Page during the Event, so hopefully we’ll see you there! It’s promising to be a fun week!

That's all for now. We hope you're enjoying our weekly updates. Be sure to share them with your friends to get the word out about KAIJU FISHING. As always, thanks for reading! Stay safe out there. <3

If you want to stay up to date with KAIJU FISHING, you can follow us on Twitter @MutantStudios and/or Wishlist the game on Steam.

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