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See the game in action in it's alpha state and find out what awaits you once the game will be released for free.

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I just uploaded some first short WIP footage of the game to show the main gameplay elements.
It is an endless runner type game in an abstract 80s cyberstyle. The main focus is to mix FPS elements with the typical runner elements.

The game itself is endless and all about getting the highest score to be on top of the online leaderboard. This is mixed with FPS elements like a first person camera, jumping and shooting. Instead of bullets you shoot collected coins so you have to think twice before you mash the shoot "button".

For collected coins you can get yourself upgrades like a third heart(hearts are your life meter) or simply refresh your lost hearts.

However that is not all, you will also be able to buy retro inspired microgames and other in game "tat" for your coins.

Coins can not be bought with real money but can only be collected ingame.

Since I want the game to work on as many android devices as possible, I am always looking for potential playtesters.

Wallpaper and New screenshot

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