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Post news RSS First Week Online! And Kakele 2.2 Update

The new version is out! Check the files section for the latest download link or our website.

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We are completing one week online!! We are happy that the players are enjoying the game! Our team is actively working on new features and bug fixes, thank you for reporting them!

Many players are giving suggestions, and we value your opinions. But bear in mind that it is hard to implement every change suggested because the game would turn into a Frankenstein!

And we already have a new version! The version 2.2. You will need to download the game again from Kakele.io. Here are the changes in this version:

  • New versions will tell you to download / install the latest app.
  • Added the players online list, available for the map you have joined.
  • Added the rankings list, available on the choose character list.
  • The login flow is being simplified. At this version you will notice that you always land in the 'choose character' list first. When switching characters, the previous character remains at the same position if you rejoin the same map later on. In the next versions we will be rolling out more changes.
  • Loot chances were increased slightly.
  • Item attributes were balanced slightly (more armor to some, and different levels to others).
  • Some respawns were fixed so that they do not block stairs. Blocking stairs is part of the gameplay, but we don't think monsters should be able to do this (only players).
  • The logic for the monsters pathfinding was improved. Monsters with range were running away when they didn't have a clear vision (they should chase you!).
  • Minimap now has an up and down button.
  • Other minor UI tweaks and fixes (such as lagging when dragging the windows).
  • The return spell was modified to use just percentages of the damage instead. The warrior return spells are now set at 10% (new spell at level 10), 20% and 30%.

Our next focus will be working on releasing the app for Android! So stay tuned for updates. Join us and our community at Kakele.io

Best regards,
Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team

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