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I have some good news my friends. The Early access/shareware of my game will be released here at Mod-DB on the 30th of April 2020.

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Hello my friends,

A few things. First, xTeens is undergoing some improvements. I redesigned our logo, which is seen as our main logo, as the logo of this article and in Hi-Vis. We also have a new Music Designer, and a new Play Tester.

Second, if you have any skills at all in Unity, Blender or Art of any kind, and you are interested in joining xTeens, please request access to the group, and I’ll send you a quick application (literally 5 questions)

Finally, due to many things in Australia now being in lockdown, and the rest of the world also in lockdown, I have 2 things - No Hope and plenty of free time on my hands

Which is why, on the 30th of April, I will attempt to release the early access version of this game. Hi-Vis early access will include the first act (4 levels) of the story mode with save files working. At the end of the first act, you will have the first 2 weapons (Dual Pistols and Shotgun), your first power (6th Sense), the beginning of the story, and a thumping headache from the fact that I accidentally turned the music up too loud.

I am releasing it now because of all of the fear about COVID-19. Believe me, I’d like to keep developing it for another 2 or 3 months before releasing the early access, but honestly, we all need a bit of fun in our lives.

Watch out for the Easter Eggs Guys, and until then, play lots of games, and stay safe.


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