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The first update is completed! Focused on keyboard controls and volume settings.

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12 days after release the first update is ready! We focused on issues and suggestions reported by our players.

The biggest changes are full support for keyboard controls, especially in the menus and the Shooter powerup, and also the most requested feature - separate volume settings for music and sound effects. Also the pause menu was reworked and now it offers more options.

Version 1.1 also comes with some minor changes and fixes, here is a full list:

  • Keyboard support for the main menu, pause menu, Shooter powerup, and game over screen
  • Better mouse control of Shooter powerup
  • Separate volume settings for music and sound effects
  • Fixed bug when using multiple anvils
  • Several changes in translations
  • New pause menu
  • Cursor now disappears after a short time of no movement
  • Fixed not looping music in the menu
  • Added Discord button in the menu
  • Option to start tutorial anytime (through the pause menu)
  • Updated credits
  • United some of the input bindings (move down, submit, shooting)

Update 1.1

The new version is available on Steam and Itch.io, for both Windows and Linux.

I want to thank everyone who has been sharing feedback or reporting bugs in the game, and also for your great support in the first 12 days! We are looking forward to more updates in the future, and we are also planning to publish a nice announcement this week :)

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