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The very first proper update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords has been released bringing a lot of bugfixes, but also some new content too.

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords entered Steam Early Access a week ago and it's high time to start dishing out updates at a regular pace. The first one brings many bug fixes (a big thanks goes out to the community for sending in their game logs which made it massively easier to hunt them buggers down and squash them), but also some new content as well.

The full change-list can be found below. We hope our players will like it!

Cettia classNova


In the asteroid field


  • FIX: Power distribution using hotkeys now works as intended.
  • FIX: An issue with listing logs on the Personal Log panel that would jumble up the descriptions if different mission types were in the list.
  • FIX: Anomalies created for Freelance jobs now have proper names
  • FIX: A problem with the "Filter all" button on the Personal Log panel
  • FIX: Using Atlas Defense System no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: Deploying SETH equipment no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: Attempting to open the Starchart by pressing "M" while you're docked no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: An overlapping issue on the Starchart where Credits would "go over" the other listed data
  • FIX: F9 no longer changes the player's ship into a Paladin class battleship
  • FIX: An error where Concordia would sell ships dirt-cheap
  • FIX: Pressing "M" to open the starchart while you're in the Jobs panel no longer "combines" the panels in a weird way
  • FIX: Using Orpheus mine no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: A text overlap problem in the Records panel
  • FIX: A problem with displaying Hull value of the Tzar class ship in the Shipyard panel
  • FIX: An issue where the "controls" hint would remain on-screen if you enter the menu while it was open in-game
  • FIX: A problem where selecting any active Freelance job would show the description of the Main quest
  • FIX: An issue where a forfeited Freelance job was shown as solved in the Personal log panel
  • FIX: Several minor glitches in the Game launcher
  • FIX: Several problems with mission object markers during the Salvage Freelance job
  • FIX: Using Salvage drones on derelicts now yields loot as intended
  • FIX: An error in the Power pack activation script that would cause it to malfunction or even crash the game
  • FIX: Skills shortcuts now work as intended
  • FIX: Equipment quickbar shortcuts now work as intended
  • FIX: Using Go To action on a structure will no longer cause the autopilot to smash into it, but stop beside it
  • FIX: Using Go To action on a planet will no longer cause the autopilot to commit suicide by smashing into it
  • FIX: An issue where you could use "Follow" instead of "Go to" command on Relay satellites and Network hubs
  • FIX: Docking while cloaked will not cause problems any longer
  • FIX: Cloaking no longer causes weird framerate drops
  • FIX: Derelicts are now properly named "Derelict" when targeting them
  • FIX: Several calculation bugs in conquest related scripts
  • FIX: Player fleets now feature Concord ships
  • FIX: "Transfer power to engines" hint is now showing the appropriate message in the prologue
  • FIX: Several bugs related to ship spawning parameters in random encounters
  • FIX: Several bugs related to ships not being released from memory when necessary
  • FIX: Defense platforms (especially those tiny ones) are now easier to target
  • FIX: A crash that could occur when adding ships into a fleet (from script)
  • FIX: A issue related to PhysX and ships flying in via T-Drive that could cause scripts to get all confused
  • FIX: Numerous problems with Freelance jobs
  • FIX: A problem with junk pieces in junkyards turning green (literally)
  • FIX: A problem with waypoint always getting selected instead of an object "beneath" it. You're now able to select the structure/platform...
  • FIX: Steam overlay (SHIFT+TAB) is now fully operational
  • FIX: Structures created through scripts and destroyed in-game are no longer saved in the save file
  • FIX: Structures created through scripts for the purpose of an Installation attack freelance job now blow up as intended
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when destroying ships
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when firing heavy weapons
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when triggering encounters
  • ADDED: Two new station models (Trinity Free States regions)
  • ADDED: Four new ships (Trinity Free States fleet)
  • ADDED: Conquest related one-liner "shouts" to provide more info
  • ADDED: Random encounter related one-liner "shouts"
  • ADDED: Freelance jobs now have descriptions while checking them out
  • ADDED: Several new hints to the prologue
  • UPDATE: Cloak action is now re-enabled on the Context menu and the VFX is in working order
  • UPDATE: Changed the type of several commodities
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells commodities
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells equipent
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells enhancements
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells ship systems
  • UPDATE: Save names now allow a limited number of characters
  • UPDATE: Game launcher -> Support now allows logs to be up to 3MB in size to be sent
  • UPDATE: Numerous changes in the text files
  • UPDATE: Changed minimum and maximum distance for Freelance job generation (shorter travel time is expected)
  • UPDATE: Added several precaution checks/defaults to avoid potential bugs
  • UPDATE: All stations and structures in a conquered zone should now belong to the player (temporary measure)
  • UPDATE: Improved timing and conditions for several hints in the prologue
  • UPDATE: Loading asteroids is a bit faster now
  • UPDATE: Installation defense freelance job is temporarily disabled

Safe travels captains, and please don't hesitate to call on us if you run into any problems. We'll be happy to help!

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