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Saying Hi, with a short introduction and our plans for the weekend.

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Well we just started out, and we have nothing to show yet. We also have no watchers, so I don't know why I am writing this. The rules for posting these things is kinda freaking me out, it states that everything should be free of spelling errors...to say the least I am not known for my english(or afrikaans) spelling prowess.

Fishy and I have been playing video games since before we could walk(almost). And we have been interested in game development shortly after we could walk(yeah walking isn't a big skill of ours).
We have come up with some interesting ideas. And we aim to make those ideas a reality.

This weekend we should be getting started with some heavy Unity 3D learning(that is if we can manage to stay away from playing other games). We will report our experiences here. And should we make something presentable along the way we will present it to our adoring fans(of which there is none of...yet).

Sometime in the far far future i will also be giving the Fish & Chips Team a total makeover. Fish & Chips Team? It's just ridiculous. The Reaper shall reap and remake!

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