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Part one of The Mazed is up for download now! You can play it in browser or download it directly to your computer!

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First things first, I'm the realest.

So welcome to my new studio, my name is Bloo and I'll be your guide today. If you look at my current games you'll see a new one that I am working on...the only one I am working on, The Mazed! It's a game that I have been thinking about for over a year now, and it is coming along very nicely, so nicely in fact, that you can play it today! Part one of my new game is up for download right now, its still in development, but I was so happy with the progress, and can't wait for people to play it!

You might be asking yourself, "What's this game even about???" Well, the game is a unique story of you being a ball. Then there are these meanies, Green Balls, they hate you and will try to kill you. Each level is different but uses tactics that you have learned from previous levels. This game was heavily inspired by Super Meat Boy. But anyway, in each level you will have to go through using speed, patience, skill, and timing. Dodging enemies, trying to get to the Star Diamond in order to proceed to the next level. This game only gets more difficult as you go on, so good luck. Part two will be coming soon, and hopefully it pisses you off so much, that you'll fall in love with my game. Hint* A new enemy will send you back a level...

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