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Next Friday, the first Steam Playtest will take place. Register now.

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Who will be the chosen ones

We will choose random players all over the world. We will start to choose 10 players. If everything works well, we will give access to more players over the weekend.

When is the next Playtest

We plan to do a playtest after every release.
So be patient if you have not been selected. The next one coming soon.
If you can't wait Join our Discord, and we see what we'll can do :)

What is our goal

We want feedback to identify problems in the gameplay and mechanics as early as possible.
The game is now ready to try out the core game mechanics:

  1. Timewarp
  2. Storage and Resource Management
  3. Basic Crew Needs and Metabolism
  4. In game Achievement
  5. Tutorial for the basics

Register NOW

  1. Go to our steam store page
  2. Click on "Register" at the Playtest widget above the events
  3. Confirm the popup

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