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This is the first release of the new RPG: Goku's Tale, a re-telling of Goku's adventures from the very start of Dragon Ball. It is currently playable through to the end of the Emperor Pilaf Saga.

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This is the first release of Dragon Ball: Goku's Tale. It is playable from the very start through to the end of the Emperor Pilaf Saga.

  • 7 Locations
    • East District 429
    • Aru Village
    • Diablo Desert
    • Fire Mountain
    • Roshi's Island
    • Pilaf's Castle
    • Fungus Town
  • A fully explorable recreation of the world map, as illustrated in Legacy of Goku II
  • Some side-quests available, including optional boss fight

This game uses assets from multiple Dragon Ball games (mostly the Legacy of Goku series), Stardew Valley (with permission), RPG Maker MV, and music and graphics ripped from the Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super series. All of these are property of the creators.

This game is entirely not-for-profit, and I am not seeking money from any other avenue in relation to it.

This is something I am working on in my spare time for fun, and as such there is no development schedule or promises in regard to future updates. I do however, intend on continuing work on it for the foreseeable future.

This is also not something that is my area of expertise, so I'm working to the limitations of my skills and what I can do with RPG Maker. This is a learning experience for me, and will continue to learn as I work on the game more.

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