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Finally the work on the indie game Lost Relic has started.

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Finally the work on the indie game Lost Relic has started.

For now our goal is to release a demo with: 3 complete terrain sets, 3 playable sides, 3 tech levels, 3 maps and an ability to play online for 3 people.

First screenshots and renders

First screenshots and renders

Be sure to check our development history, some modding assets and concepts by viewing our old page: Moddb.com

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Then you should release 3 demos, and make the story happen in the year 2121 ( 2+1 2+1 ).

And even if it`s in a paralel universe, over 100 years of technological advancements are not to be underestimated.
And watch out for the tech, the first level MUST be above our current one.
You don`t see any police carring sticks, a whistle and a musket going thru the streets at night right?

Let me guess, the lost relic is a Pacifier device that turns everyone in their range peacefull. And as you search for it, you progressively discover that in this universe, Hitler was the good guy, and that pacifier was his crowning jewel that he wanted to offer the world.
3 sides : Euro-Russian Consortium, Americo-Chinese Alliance, Southern Hemesfere Treaty.

3 tech levels is rather low : Low, Normal, High?
Use at least 5 levels:
Level 1: Museum artefacts and forgotten ancient equipment.
Level 2: Stolen outdated equipment from developing countries.
Level 3: Bought second-hand equipment from leading countries.
Level 4: First Rate Equipment from leading countries.
Level 5: Stolen next-generation blueprints and schematics from leading countries.

At least create some ferocious creatures that attack randomly or mutant creatures that escaped from the bio-research facility in the fire of 2054 and managed to thrive in the wilderness.

Instead of making 3 terrain sets and 3 maps, why not just create a terrain and map auto-generator, thus making each playthru unique?

The biggest problem with a 3 player game is that most of the time, 2 players will gang up on the 3`rd, thus making his game experience bad and deter him from playing again.

I`ll stop here for know.

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V3F Author

It’s basically sci-fi environment, with pretty hi-tech technologies. Aresrod will be probably the most hi-tech team here. (Wait for some concept, walking mech units and hover craft on the way)
Lost Relic was a giant social project, but the things that happened could be anything. The thing is, they now are an army, with the best technologies and lots of resources, but with no allies.
3 tech levels basically are: standard infantry, APC’s, transport trucks and small defense equipment.
Random attacks are planned as well.
Making a map generator is far too complicated for now, but I agree, we will try.
I agree, we will probably overlook that part too, but there are also computer opponents.

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