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What has been going on lately? -School -Work -Girlfriend -Parties with alcoholic beverages...

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I am here to post of what has been going on with my project -=|Realm of Darkness|=-, which I should state now and put up in the content saying that this is for now a working title. It hasn't been set in stone just yet, I think the group is leaning towards it since its got that 90's cheesy/retro console title.

But let me talk about my team...
David is the story writer, as well as a developer. I throw ideas to him and gives back his opinion on the matter. Also my brother and we've talked about doing something like this for a while now. This is supposed to be a short story of his a video game format, so yes there will a solid story line. Graduated college.

Carlotta is the music composer, and is also a developer. She composed songs before and is in love with music. She is a music ed major and has played some of her sample pieces she put together from just composing over the years. Goes to college with me.

Me, Paul, I am the programmer, artist, level designer, and head developer. I have the bulk of workload as of now, but I am hoping that in the near future it will be lightened. I'm currently producing the art for now and haven't worried too much about the programming. This is my first game, but I'm confident in my abilities to get this done.

Some notes on the game though, is that it will be **FREE** because I believe that this first game of mine should not have to cost anyone anything, other than time. This is really meant to be a lesson in video game development, which is something I want to do as a hobby. If this game is successful, as in terms it runs well and people enjoy it, I would develop another one that is a lot more in depth, but I'll worry about that later.

I hope you guys like what I have said so far, and again my brother needs to get back to me on the storyline because its lacking quite a bit. But take a look at the art I've created, and I would recommend downloading it to see more of the "pixel" detail. Tell me what you think too, because criticism that is CONSTRUCTIVE is always appreciative.


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