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Not allot has been done but we're not giving up, Don't be affard to ask questions

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Hello reader,

This game is designed to be a re-make of Sonic R but with allot more added and to be its own game

Why Sonic R?
Sonic R was the first sonic game i ever played and loved every second of it but when i grow up i found out people don't really like the game which made me sad because it was the best time i had on my Sage Saturn... its a shame i don't have it anymore but oh well, after not playing it for many many years i finally got to play it again and still love it!

The Team
So far there are only 3 of us:
True nightmare: Mapper and Leader
Arkazeen: Modeler
ToadriderMG42: DJ

So far the plans are simple, remake Sonic R in HD and fix the balancing issues that sonic R had to make it a fair game all round, later i've planned for a few more advanced thing (like making characters better >>sliver<<)

But for now just re-making sonic R is all that will be taking place for the most part

Custom Stuff?
If you want to make any custom music, stages, characters etc send us a message and we will see about adding it to the game... this is a fan made game so it only makes sense that fans get what they want :)

Thank you for reading - Truenightmare

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