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Oh boy! Dungeons and..... More dungeons! Always random though.

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I've been playing Delver for a while and I got obsessed. Really, it IS good. That game reminded me of that game I've been waiting to do, but I'm too scared to do. So I got energy to make a randomly generated dungeon mechanic using the free Oryx sprite set. It is the same spritepack that Leyends of Yore and Realm of the Mad God uses.

Yeah, sorry for the minuscule images, you can see bigger ones here.
This game or prototype or practice or test is nothing basically. It is just a randomly generated dungeon with a couple enemies (press spacebar to attack).
You can test it by clicking here or below:

Pocket Dungeons: Pre-Alpha 1

Oh, by the way, Delver is on Steam Greenlight now, and I would really love to see it on Steam, so why don't you give it a thumb and support them?

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